8 warning signs that show you’ve lost track of time

Dr. Seuss once famously asked,

“How did it get so late so soon?”

Time flies, literally. It simply spreads its wings and takes flight as soon as you take your eyes off that watch. The difficult part is that time once wasted, cannot be regained or returned back. The situation is heightened by the proliferation of modern day electronic gadgets, sources of entertainment like movies, tv series and entertainment destinations like malls, clubs and discos.

Read these following 8 indicators and see for yourself:

1. There’s no floor visible, at all

mess, trash, home
Who’s mess is that anyway?

Admit it, just felt like yesterday that your was so clean. When did all that stuff start piling up anyways?

2. Pile of books to be read is increasing

books, floor
loads of books to be read

Well, this is the case with most of us. We love to read and yet our books keep piling up till the ceiling. Stop using them as a table/laptop stand and start reading them already.

3. Bills, bills and more bills

bills, rent
loads of bills

Those annoying bits of paper which leave you with  lesser and lesser money every-time.

4. Where did that tummy come from?

increasing waist
increasing waist

Sad but true, fast food adds to the fat faster.

5. You meet friends only on Whatsapp messages

chat, whatsapp

There used to be a time when we would use our telephones for just talking. Now, the phone are only used for chatting. So, the next time you go to meet someone, you’re actually going to meet their head and their hairs. That’s the only thing you’ll get to see when they’re busy chatting.

6. You now have more selfies in your cellphone


This goes without saying. Truly, the front facing camera is a remarkable invention.

7. Unread emails in your inbox = price of dress you just bought

dress, email
dress and email

Yes, the number of unread emails in your inbox are now becoming bigger and bigger than the prices of the dresses that you buy. Well, that says a lot about email management.

8. You can rattle off episodes and stories of your favorite TV Series

TV series
TV series

One of the reasons to keep away from TV series. They’re just too addictive and you might wake up in a totally different era, groggy with sore eyes after watching back-to-back seasons on your laptop.

Have anything to add to this list? Share your views.

How safe is your life from an approaching crisis?

“Sometimes you need a little crisis to get your adrenaline flowing and help you realize your potential.”

Life is never a simple drive down a straight road, it’s more like a roller-coaster ride. The truth is that it is meant to be that way, else all of us would simply become too subdued and laid-back. History is itself testimony to the fact that whenever growth and development has taken place in civilizations, economies and nations, it has usually been preceded by a period of flux, metamorphosis and crisis.

So, when everyone is strikingly well acquainted with the nuts and bolts of a crisis then why should we fear it. The problem arises when crisis strikes at a time when we least expect it. Usually, this is the manner in which a dilemma arrives. However, at other times, such exigencies follow something known as the DICE. DICE stands for Doppler Idea of Crisis Engagement.

It can be represented as follows,

the received frequency of a crisis is higher during its approach, becomes identical at the time/instant of passing us by and then lowers during its recession.

In plain simple terms, this is just like a car with a siren approaching us when we are standing on the road. When the car is far off and approaching us, the sound is less. However, as it slowly approaches us, the sound starts increasing till it reaches a maximum level when it is closest to us. Then, as it starts moving away, the sound also starts reducing.

Watch this Youtube video to understand visually how this works

We must realize that all the problems, crisis, sorrows and hurdles do not arrive with a warning signal attached to them. However, they usually show their signs and cues long before arrival. It is up to us to decide and figure out a way to tackle such situations with grit and courage. There are symptoms and then there are root causes. It is normal tendency to look for short term cures and just concentrate only on the symptoms. Nonetheless, if the root causes are not treated, the crisis is bound to return to haunt you.

This is where one can tune one’s mind to synchronize with the DICE method of resolving such issues. Although, this calls for significant amounts of mental preparation which I shall detail in my future posts.

For now, I leave you with this thought,

“It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.”

The pressure

It has been rightly said that,

“pressure makes diamonds”

On the other hand, we must not forget that,

“nobody works better under pressure, they just work faster.”

Indeed, life was created around the centerpiece of balance. One should strive to find the balance after oscillating towards the extreme ends, just like a pendulum does. Pressure is usually a battle which is waged and fought internally, inside an individual’s mind. Once it is conquered intrinsically, victory almost certainly prevails externally as well. In this context, I have devised an equation.

Pressure =

(how compact & stable your mind is) * (pull of attraction towards your work) *(heights to which you can go for your work)

In other words, this equation boils down to pressure being directly related to

Stability, Passion and endurance

If one can conquer these 3 attributes, then one can easily manage the pressures in one’s life. However, that’s the difficult part. Usually, one is able to take control of only one of these attributes. I shall talk about these aspects of life in detail in my future posts.

For now, I leave you with the following thought,

“When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything.”

Please share your thoughts on what you perceive pressure to be like? Please share and like this post if you agreed to the points listed here.